Monday, May 12, 2008

Heartburn and Peptic Disease

My Ulcer Has Flared Up—Can I Dive?

I was diagnosed with an ulcer that has flared up to the point where I have been put on Prilosec and another stomach medication. Can I go diving? What are the risks?
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Diving with an active ulcer is not recommended due to the increased possibility of stress and possible perforation. Perforation or other complications of ulcer (e.g., hemorrhage) would be especially disastrous if they were to occur in an area far from medical care.

If your ulcer heals before your departure date, confer with your doctor about continuation of medication during your trip. Diving per se has no direct effect on the ulcer, one way or the other.
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Heartburn and Peptic Disease

Peptic ulcer disease is now known to be caused by a bacteria, but still occurs frequently enough to be a relative hazard to the diver. The main problem with scuba divers is that the diver is very often in remote
areas far from definitive medical care. Perforations under these circumstances can be disastrous"

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