Sunday, June 15, 2008

Absolutely New Zealand Shop - Review Restaurants - Absolutely New Zealand is the review I did, but I decided to put it here too.

About the restaurant:
Brightly lit 'deli' kind of shop which spelt nice. Has an outside seating area which is soon to become completely covered.. At the moment the shop is also a cafe, so you can get all sorts of New Zealand snacks and drinks as well as buy products you have eaten.

Ordered Food:
Lamb wrap with spicy sauce. Came with kiwi puff crisps (by Bluebird). The wrap was a basil flavoured one and the lamb had salad with it as well. My girlfriend had the blue cheese and salmon quiche served with a salad. We both drank L&P. The drink is a kiwi soft drink made in Paeroa and has a lemon flavour - very unique and refreshing [].

My verdict:
Both meals were delicious! Excellent, friendly service and I could buy some of my favourite New Zealand biscuits, L&P, Whittaker's peanut slab chocolate, and some sauces. Excellent. Will recommend it to everyone I know! 

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